CPU, PSU and SLA. Making Sense of TLAs for Java Updates

Updating Java has changed. In January 2019, the last public updates (for commercial users) of both Oracle JDK 8 and the Oracle OpenJDK JDK 11 were released. Non-commercial users, for example, those people running Java on their PCs at home to play Minecraft, will continue to get Oracle JDK 8 updates through the Java Control…

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Igniting In-Memory Performance with GridGain and Zing

  There is a simple reality in computing, which is that accessing data from memory is significantly faster than from disk. It’s just physics. Hard disk drives spin and use a moving head to read and write data to the disk via changes in the magnetic field. Despite high spin speeds and small heads, there…

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81 New Features and APIs in JDK 13

We are now well into the new six-month release cadence of the JDK and, with the release of JDK 13, it is clearly working successfully. One thing that is obvious, is that, whilst the overall rate of change for the Java platform has increased, individual releases will have less new features. This is the case…

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Zing: Delivering More Performance with Less Administration

The Zing Virtual Machine (ZVM) has been developed to address the performance-related issues that result from a managed runtime environment that is provided by the JVM. These fall into two specific areas: Application response latency caused by the garbage collector (GC) pausing application threads to perform its work. Reduced initial throughput when an application is…

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How OpenJDK CPU Updates Deliver Better Security and Less Operational Risk

Keeping Java production systems secure and up-to-date can be an operational challenge. There’s always a balance between disrupting operations and reducing the risk of vulnerabilities. No time is that trade-off more apparent than the third Tuesday of January, April, July and October when the steward of Java releases new updates. Java has been updated on…

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More Cost Effective Support for Java on the Desktop

Although Java started life targeted at desktops, its popularity has really grown to dominate the server and subsequently cloud spaces. Many people would dismiss Java on the desktop, but you would be surprised at the number of people and organisations still using it. The reality of “Write once, run anywhere” dramatically simplifies the deployment of…

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(Don’t Fear) the Java

  There was an interesting discussion on the Java Champions alias recently under the title, “Fear of Java”. The initial post was related to a University faculty that was evaluating which version of Java to use. Given the issue that it brought up, I thought it was worth discussing in a blog post. I’ll quote…

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Twenty Years of Speakjava

It occurred to me recently that I had just passed a substantial milestone in my career. I started working for Sun Microsystems in February 1996 but, at that time, with Java being so new my role was to help drive adoption of Solaris on Intel with major ISVs like Oracle, Informix and Lotus Notes (hands…

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